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Mummies are probably one of the oldest myths ever made, they date to B.C it’s hard to pick an date because it goes back so far. Well in Egypt they would build pyramids for their rules at the time, after the Pharaohs died they would cut out the Major organs and bath them in oils. After being bath in oils for about one week they would take the brain out of the nose! Eww is what I think, then wrap them in a special type of cloth also bathed in a special type of oil. Next they would pray about the Pharaohs to go safely. Mummies are said to come back if a “Seal” is broken then they suck the life essance of humans for them to be young. Sorry for being gone so long my mom’s laptop was stolen just charged my computer. See ya




Vampires, are very common subject. First they don’t sparkle, they burn or have a piece of cloth, or jewelry that was hexed. No they aren’t allergic to garlic, yes they drink blood, also they can be seen in a mirror if their thirst isn’t very high. Yes they must be invited in a home. Vampires are sworn enemies of Werewolves  the story starts like this……….

Once a handsome man who was Lycan (werewolf) was watching an beautiful woman who was an Vampire her name Katylin, she was a princess of her coven. Well the Lycan Peter was in love with Katylin but it was forbidden to love a Vampire after all, Lycans were slaves to Vampires at the time. Sonya was Katylin maid she knew many things like how Peter applied to be Katylins guard, or how he was such “good” friends with her father the King of the Coven. Sonya was a very good Vampire she helped Peter. “Peter? Are you there?

“Sonya I am here.” Peter replied.  “Peter hullo are you here? My name is Katylin I love you since you were a cub!” Katylin cried. Peter ran towards her voice picked her up and kissed her.  Katylin Father saw all of it and came out in full fury and said ” Death you are at death Lycan, and you my daughter burned twenty seconds one arm each!”  Sonya knew what she must do she grabbed Katylin and jumped. Peter jumped then when he landed Katylin was dead. Sonya was crying, Peter howled at the moon and left with Sonya to roam the world.


A German woodcut of werewolf from 1722.

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Hi, maybe I should tell you a little about me. First my name is Zoe, my blog is about myths. Born and raised in Indiana. I will write about other things to like how Miley Cyrus is getting out of control. Or Demi isn’t as “recovered” as she seems. I really would like if you followed we as a Blogger. My e-mail is so e-mail me questions or idea’s thank



Hey, sorry this was late I was busy. Anyways let’s talk about Werewolves. Werewolves come from France many people seeing twenty feet long wolves, hence the name Werewolves. Well once a month farmers would lose sheep,cows,pigs, really any farm animals. So yes Werewolves are hurt by silver, no they don’t only change on an full moon only, yes they can be hurt by Wolf’s Bane. An small flower like plant that the juice hurts Werewolves. Also Werewolves have an Blood Lust that cause them to change, on full moons they change without realizing it. Werewolves also get confused with the a disease called  ” Hypothyroidism,”which an disease you grow hair everywhere on your body. People in about 1400’s to 17oo’s would murder people who had Hypothyroidism. Kinda like the Salem Witch Trials but with Werewolves. Also there were packs of werewolves if you killed the Alpha or Leader you would automatically become Alpha. So if you killed your eldest sibling you’d be called an Child of the Night or Lycan. Thank you if you have any questions or idea’s for tomorrow please leave an comment.


Spirits of the Dead

Today we will be focusing on Spirits. Now they are called many things such as: Ghost, Demons, Angels, and Poltergeist. People have been known to see such ” Ghost” in orbs. Each orb means something  Red Orbs are known as Demons, White Orbs Angels, Blue Orbs are Neutral not good nor evil. Those are the most common there more are such as Green Orbs or Yellow Orbs. Green Orbs are not very harmful they like playing  jokes on Old Family Members. Yellow are not as helpful as White orbs, but somewhat helpful. The most rare are Brown Animal Spirits. Some Ghost don’t even know there dead, so they try talking to family and when family members don’t respond they get frustrated. I know a story about Bloody Mary which sounds more realistic then most.

Once there was an young beautiful woman her name was Mary. Mary worked very hard to be good and not anger her fiance, but sometimes Mary couldn’t help but be bad. Now one day Mary was tried from a days cooking and cleaning  and her fiance cam e in red as an tomato. He was not happy with what Mary did she didn’t mend the quilt he grasped her chin and said ” Useless Wife can’t do anything must I do everything?” Mary was shocked she did not know what she did wrong ” What have I done wrong?” She asked. Her fiance angered slapped her and knocked her out. Little did people know then he thought she was dead and buried her alive.

Now your thinking wasn’t today suppose to be about Ghost? Well Bloody Mary is an very Famous G host.



Hello this blog is centered on “Myths.” Please feel free to add anything about: Lycan, Vampires, and so on. Thank you tomorrow I will be on the subject Spirits. First I hope you don’t be rude on my blog I believe what I want. See you tomorrow