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Finally BACK.

August 12, 2013

I know my blog hasn’t been used lately, but I’m back. Today we’re going to talk about Zeus. Zeus the King of Gods and Goddess. He has a wife Hera (Goddess of marriage etc) his story goes very far back. It all started with a human woman and the king of titans Cronus. He used this woman and got her pregnant several times, scared that his children would over throw him he ate them. Till the woman tricked him with a dead baby instead of her own. She raised Zeus and set him out to defeat his father. Realizing he needed help Zeus cut open Cronus’ stomach and Poseidon and Hades came out. Each bearing a different weapon Zeus a sword Poseidon a trident. And no one really knows what Hades used. Zeus and his brothers destroyed Cronus. They then each got to pick a domain, Zeus wanted the sky to fly with lightning, Poseidon wanted to swim with the fishes and control water, and poor Hades got stuck with the Underworld. For more on Zeus i’ll see you tomorrow!!!


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