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July 11, 2012

Vampires, are very common subject. First they don’t sparkle, they burn or have a piece of cloth, or jewelry that was hexed. No they aren’t allergic to garlic, yes they drink blood, also they can be seen in a mirror if their thirst isn’t very high. Yes they must be invited in a home. Vampires are sworn enemies of Werewolves  the story starts like this……….

Once a handsome man who was Lycan (werewolf) was watching an beautiful woman who was an Vampire her name Katylin, she was a princess of her coven. Well the Lycan Peter was in love with Katylin but it was forbidden to love a Vampire after all, Lycans were slaves to Vampires at the time. Sonya was Katylin maid she knew many things like how Peter applied to be Katylins guard, or how he was such “good” friends with her father the King of the Coven. Sonya was a very good Vampire she helped Peter. “Peter? Are you there?

“Sonya I am here.” Peter replied.  “Peter hullo are you here? My name is Katylin I love you since you were a cub!” Katylin cried. Peter ran towards her voice picked her up and kissed her.  Katylin Father saw all of it and came out in full fury and said ” Death you are at death Lycan, and you my daughter burned twenty seconds one arm each!”  Sonya knew what she must do she grabbed Katylin and jumped. Peter jumped then when he landed Katylin was dead. Sonya was crying, Peter howled at the moon and left with Sonya to roam the world.


A German woodcut of werewolf from 1722.


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