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July 10, 2012

Hey, sorry this was late I was busy. Anyways let’s talk about Werewolves. Werewolves come from France many people seeing twenty feet long wolves, hence the name Werewolves. Well once a month farmers would lose sheep,cows,pigs, really any farm animals. So yes Werewolves are hurt by silver, no they don’t only change on an full moon only, yes they can be hurt by Wolf’s Bane. An small flower like plant that the juice hurts Werewolves. Also Werewolves have an Blood Lust that cause them to change, on full moons they change without realizing it. Werewolves also get confused with the a disease called  ” Hypothyroidism,”which an disease you grow hair everywhere on your body. People in about 1400’s to 17oo’s would murder people who had Hypothyroidism. Kinda like the Salem Witch Trials but with Werewolves. Also there were packs of werewolves if you killed the Alpha or Leader you would automatically become Alpha. So if you killed your eldest sibling you’d be called an Child of the Night or Lycan. Thank you if you have any questions or idea’s for tomorrow please leave an comment.



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