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Spirits of the Dead

July 9, 2012

Today we will be focusing on Spirits. Now they are called many things such as: Ghost, Demons, Angels, and Poltergeist. People have been known to see such ” Ghost” in orbs. Each orb means something  Red Orbs are known as Demons, White Orbs Angels, Blue Orbs are Neutral not good nor evil. Those are the most common there more are such as Green Orbs or Yellow Orbs. Green Orbs are not very harmful they like playing  jokes on Old Family Members. Yellow are not as helpful as White orbs, but somewhat helpful. The most rare are Brown Animal Spirits. Some Ghost don’t even know there dead, so they try talking to family and when family members don’t respond they get frustrated. I know a story about Bloody Mary which sounds more realistic then most.

Once there was an young beautiful woman her name was Mary. Mary worked very hard to be good and not anger her fiance, but sometimes Mary couldn’t help but be bad. Now one day Mary was tried from a days cooking and cleaning  and her fiance cam e in red as an tomato. He was not happy with what Mary did she didn’t mend the quilt he grasped her chin and said ” Useless Wife can’t do anything must I do everything?” Mary was shocked she did not know what she did wrong ” What have I done wrong?” She asked. Her fiance angered slapped her and knocked her out. Little did people know then he thought she was dead and buried her alive.

Now your thinking wasn’t today suppose to be about Ghost? Well Bloody Mary is an very Famous G host.



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